1947 Willy’s CJ2A

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This “Civilian Model” was bought from a local late model dealer, that apparently filled the transmission and transfer case with Dex/Merc.  Needless to say, it was leaking out of everywhere, more than is even normal for a jeep of this age.

The needle bearings had also come out of the counter cluster and done a real number on the inside of the T90 transmission. Metal shavings had also made their way into the transfer case.


After blasting the case and a fresh coat of paint, all bad gears were replaced, as were all races and bearings. Output jokes were replaced because of grooves that would keep the shaft seals from doing their job.


These T90’s were notorious for leaking from the rear of the shift rails because of the fact that they are open to the elements. Plugging them would cause a pressure build up and make shifting harder.  To remedy this, grooves sere cut to direct fluid to a small hole drilled horizontally into the shift tower. This hole met with a second vertical hole which directs fluid back into the transmission.  A larger holes was drilled and tapped in the area with the most meat to bolt on a cover plate, sealed with RTV.


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