1956 Corvette Restomod

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This project was brought to us to address some of the short falls of the after market chassis. Namely, the lack of room for either exhaust or brake master cylinder.  Above is the start of our solution, while still incorporating full sized mufflers and an X-pipe. It was very much like threading a needle to get everything to fit.

The mufflers were lightly polished to match the brushed and polished finish of the other compnents.

The X pipe had to be fabricated in house to get the inlet and outlet angles needed for correct fitment.

Because of the chassis configuration and not wanting vibration in the fiberglass floor, some creative mounting was necessary.

To keep from choking down from 2.5″ to the stock 1.5″, the exhaust was turned down behind the rear wheels and stainless dummy tips were integrated into the rear trim bezels.

The major hurdle was designing a stable mount for the master cylinder as there were no provisions for an under floor mount and the firewall had been smoothed.  The solution was to build a truss system that would connect the firewall, upper dash and front of the dash to provide triangulated support.  A Wilwood reverse mount dual master pedal assembly was used along with remote reservoir.

Sound deadening was removed to expose clean fiberglass for bonding brackets to the upper dash.

A mount was fabricated and attached to the dash rail under the gauges and another that bolts to the rear of the hood latch on the firewall. In combination with the upper bonded mounts, the trusses were extremely solid.

The lack of choices for mounting the master cylinder forced us to fabricate a gusseted and offset pedal.

A Lokar billet pedal pad cleaned up the final look. Stainless 3an hoses were used to attach the stainless 3/16 lines through the firewall and hidden in the wheel well.

To keep from having two fill bungs, we fabricated a split reservoir that could be hidden under the dash. The split reservoir was used in case either the front or rear ever developed a leak, the opposite system would be unaffected.


The view of the finished reservoir. One fill port, but two separate reservoirs.

A new panhard bar and mount was fabricated to clear the exhaust.

Square holes were put in the front of the chassis to mount the new battery tray with stainless carriage bolts.

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