1967 Shelby GT500 Tribute

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She came to us with carburetor issues and timing issues along with an over heating problem. After getting the ignition and fuel sorted, it was determined that it had a blown head gasket.  The engine had been poorly rebuilt about 3000 miles prior to us getting it.

Misaligned belts were just the icing on the cake after opening wire looms to find a charging issue. The above pic shows the alternator wiring pigtail.  An unimaginable amount of zip ties and plastic loom attempted to hide all of the old repairs.

After degreasing and washing the engine compartment, a fresh coat of satin black was applied along with some detailing and painting of the under hood accessories.

The fresh 351 Windsor from ATK Performance with an MSD Pro Bilet distributor and Quick Fuel carb. Some custom made plug wires to finish off the new clean look.

All wiring and the regulator the passenger side for ease of access to the alternator. A relaystation and fuse panel was added for the accessories and hidden behind the battery.

A new ECP radiator with electric fan and stainless overflow were added along with hard lines for all vacuum, fuel and overflow plumbing.

Above are pictures of the wiring nightmare encountered inside the car, most of which was cut away and redone in order to install the Classic Instruments Auto Cross cluster.

All washed up and ready to go home.

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  1. Leighton says:

    Utterly gorgeous ’67 Shelby GT500 Mustang tribute! Sigma7motorworks you completed an excellent mini project of fixing up another’s stuff up! The fresh 351 Windsor from ATK Performance with an MSD Pro Bilet distributor and Quick Fuel carb should pump out some good numbers on the dyno and I would be really interested in a further update if possible. While a 427 would have been ideal, the lighter weighted 351 will provide better handling in those higher speed corners on the open roads of the USA. Love the MSD Pro-Bilet dizzy and ignition system with the Quick Fuel carb – sweet simple combo – no frills…hopefully eh! Awesome job so love your work.

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