1970 ‘Cuda Drag Week

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First order of business was to add some serious sub-frame connectors. These are from US Car Tool, and are laser cut to match the contours of the floor. By far the easiest I have ever worked with.

USCT also supplied the spring relocation kit for this project. Though not visible in the picture, the rear of the car was supported during this entire process.

Competition Engineering spring sliders were added, set to a 60/40 ratio.

The strange supplied 9 inch rear end, needed some back brace modifications to relocate the perches inboard. The through hole for the U bolt has a sleeve of DOM tubing inserted and tig welded in place for added strength.

Calvert racing split mono-leaf springs and Cal tracs, all of which fit the USCT parts perfectly.

Now the fun part. Because Drag Week requires cars to travel for 1000 pus miles under their own power during race week, we needed a way to carry slicks and spare parts.  We were tasked with making a trailer hitch that could pull a small trailer or carry a rear mounted platform. The only real stipulation was that it be removable. We plated both sides of the frame rails and welded in DOM to keep the bolts from collapsing the rails.

Final mock up before welding. The bare areas on the rear valance were where it had to e reshaped to accommodate the rear spring sliders at the ratio we wanted.

The hitch seemed the best place to mount our chute, which is separately removable. This way the car is more of a sleeper when not at the track.

The Ray Barton, 540ci, 893HP  aluminum Hemi was put in place along with the Hughes Powerglide to set pinion angle.

Thanks to Murray’s Customs for the trans crossmember!

The Indy block required massaging the 1 7/8″ header quite a bit to get clearance. Some three inch exhaust was made for the road driving portion and long collectors were made for the track.                

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  1. Leighton says:

    You guys sure know your oats! That Ray Barton 540ci Hemi is utterly sick! The headers look like something out of the movie ‘Alien’ – love them! I would so love to have heard/viewed an audio/vid of this engine humming. Love your work!

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