’55 BelAir Gauge Cluster

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After researching all available gauge clusters, I couldn’t find one that looked correct, yet had all of the functions I needed. I decided to try cutting up a couple panels that I had lying around to see if my idea for a cluster would work.

After pie cutting two panels and removing the turn signal arrows, I tig welded the sections together at very low amperage.

After a little hammer and dolly work to correct any minor warpage, some glazing putty was used to fill low spots along the weld before priming.

After disassembling a set of small Autogage gauges, I modified the faces of some old original gauges and mounted them in place of the aftermarket faces.

Panels were made to mount the gauges and fill the voids in the cluster housing.  The original center bulb housing was used and the other two were moved to under the gauges. The housing was painted white to better reflect the light.

The original turn signal arrows were painted black and mounted behind the old dummy light holes.

A Mooneyes half sweep tach was disassembled and the “motor” section was mounted in a recess made in the bezel.  The illumination wiring was removed from the circuit board and it was mounted remotely in a mint container for isolation.

Vinyl lettering was designed locally and printed in reverse to be adhered to the back side of the lexan panel.  Most people will never notice that it is not stock.  30 hours of work that no one will ever notice!

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