55 Nomad 327

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This was the sorry state of the old drive train, a 235 cubic inch straight six with a 3 speed.  Notice the Holley red pump, mounted upside down and wired to the ballast resistor.

When removing the front sheet metal, some jerry rigged bumper brackets were the first clue that the front end had taken a hit at some point in it’s life.

After removing the engine and all suspension, the chassis and firewall were stripped to bare metal. The frame horn braces were removed to make squaring the chassis easier.

After getting the frame rail back in line with factory measurements and square, the frame horns were re-braced.

Rust repair and filling of holes that will not be used.

Side motor mounts and a transmission crossmember were welded in using a mock up small block.

After a coat of DTM primer and white sealer, the firewall, hood and inner fenders were painted Skyline blue to match the exterior.

A small journal 327 block with forged crank was found locally and machined.  Keith Black hypereutetic pistons and Eagle forged rods were dynamically balanced to finish the bottom end.  The heads are 2.02 no accessory hole Double Humps with a Comp 256 solid lift cam and Manley CroMo push rods.  The edelbrock intake was shaved and retextured to give a “stock” look.  A PRW billet steel flywheel, McLeod clutch and Lakewood scattershield will link the new Tremec TKO 600 to the new SBC.

A 304 Stainless, baffled and sumped tank to replace the problematic Nomad tank.

After cutting down a Ford 9 Inch and fitting billet big bearing style ends, the center section was build using a Yukon Posi, Motive Performance 3.70 gears and Strange Alloy axles.  Disc brakes were added for convenience.

A shock mount was fabricated to relieve stress on the floor and allow the use of a stiffer performance shock.  Shocks were also moved outboard to aid in fitment of the new tailpipes and stainless exhaust system.

New 2″ dropped leaf springs and a trunk to replace the spare tire well.

Pics of the cluster build can be seen in their own post

While painting, I decided to do the old pedal car to match for my nephew. Now he needs some pinstriping!

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