55 Yellow Ford F100 Truck

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She really doesn’t look bad on the outside.

56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-2 56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-3

Under the dash tells a different story. Years of wiring add ons have created a spaghetti monster with splices and burned connections.  A combination of sixty year old wires and improper connections are causing all kinds of gremlins in the electrical system.


The only way to ensure that everything works properly is to rewire the entire truck.  We are using an EZ Wire 12 circuit mini kit for this application.  Here is the harness in its stock configuration.


This is the harness after the wire bundles were separated and reloomed to work with our intended routing.

56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-6 56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-7

All of this wire will be hidden after the engine and headlight wiring is loomed.



56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-8 56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-9

The bed was in a sorry state, having beem made by a previous owner, out of interior plywood.  It was so rotten that we were able to pull most of it out by hand.

56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-10 56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-11


The lower lip on the front bed panel had rotted away under the old wood and had to be replaced.



The frame needed a descaling a fresh coat of paint and rust inhibitor.


Some new Amish oak planks getting stained and sealed.

56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-13 The inside of the bed was in rough shape, but a couple of quarts of color matched bed liner took care of most of the visible defects.  Drain holes in the new front lip should keep it from rotting again.

56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-17 56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-18 56-Ford-Yellow-Truck-19

New stainless hardware to finish off the look and add some longevity.


A little spider web bellcrank to operate the tranny’s kick down and add some draw to the stock linkage.

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