Custom Sportster for sale $7995

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Suspension lowered 2.5 inches, tank re-tunneled and lowered 2 inches over the rocker boxes.  Combined with the low bars and LePera bare bones seat, the center of gravity of the bike is significantly better than stock making it more agile and fun to ride.

The cam cover was shaved to fit under the finned cover and the air billet air cleaner cover was reshaped and stainless blasted to match. The car was rejetted and tuned for the straight pipes and high flow air cleaner.

Bars were fabricated to give the look of an old springer style bar, but with a lower profile for a drag bar feel. A short clutch and throttle cables, along with internal wiring keep the bars clean.  The stock headlight mount was removed and a cast aluminum bottom mount light was installed.  Levers were modified and polished, eliminating the moped looking ball ends. Avon “coke bottle” grips round out the bars and match the metal flake seat.

Bobbed struts, ribbed rear fender and axle mounted tag bracket and light clean up the look of the rear. Turn signals were added for people that think they need them. They were retrofitted with Osram single filament socket to use off the shelf bulbs.

The pipes are 304 Stainless, tigged and back-purged and are mounted to each other and the transmission case to isolate vibration.

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