The Kraken Custom Jeep JK Bumpers

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The Kraken needed a REAL bumper, one that could be pulled out of the mud by an excavator and be towed behind an RV by a 10k lb tow bar with out looking like it belonged on a full tube rock crawler.  No such product existed, requiring that we build a custom 3/16 battering ram with integrated tow bar mounts that double as lifting points.  The hidden 10k winch with 18k Spydura synthetic rope and 12k lumens of Rigid Industries LED lighting were just the icing on the cake.


The first step was to get rid of the stock PLASTIC bumper, JK seems appropriate. The a mock-up was made of foam board, with poster board for the curved areas.  This gave the customer a full scale visual representation before we started the fabrication.  We brought the bumper up to the fenders to fill the ugly gap left by the stock bumper and made the side bends at 15 degrees to match the angle of the Rigid angled flush mounts.



Final fitment before finishing and mounting



A little gratuitous weld porn. Brown chicken brown cow.


Tow bar mount plates, 1/2 in cold rolled with recessed wheel studs for mounting.


All fillet welds radiused for a smoother appearance, light mounts cut in and studs and radiused hole for fairlead.


Freshly double powder coated in black satin wrinkle.

Kraken-Jeep-Custom-Bumpers-11Christmas eve, waiting for the last set of lights to show up.  Down to the wire, but it was ready for Christmas morning.


First test fit of the new rear bumper.  Done in 3/16″ cold rolled steel with a custom made tire carrier mounted on a 1 1/4″ axle.


Beveled 1/2″ mount plates with counter sunk studs to match the tow bar mounts on the front.  Wheel mount is made from the same 1/2″ cold rolled with a 3/16″ gusset plate.

Kraken-15 Kraken-16

Solid 1″ cold rolled shackle mounts from A-Z Fabrication.


All edges radiused and shackle mounts welded on with a Miller 252 running .035 wire


Latch built with a slope to make closing easy even in case of sagging.  Top of latch and underside of tire carrier had stainless plates tigged to them to prevent rusting should the powder coating wear off.


License plate moved to bumper and mounted with LED bolts as tag lights and red LEDs counter sunk into wheel mount as third brake light.


The final product.  One seriously heavy duty and mean looking battering ram.

6 Responses to "The Kraken Custom Jeep JK Bumpers"

  1. A. Humphreys says:

    Can you order these front and back bumpers..exactly what I have been wanting and could not find

    • Joel Carter says:

      Thanks for checking out the site. They are available, but made to order. With that in mind, the design could be tweaked to your liking. The front bumper was built to have a tow bar attached to it, a feature most people don’t need.

  2. Jared Powell says:

    I would be interested in the final price of both. Three modifications I can think I would want: First, would like the front bumper to be able to use JW Speaker fog lights. Second, delete the tow bar mount plates and add shackle mounts in their place. Third, would like the rear bumper to have some lighting for LED reverse/utility lights. Great looking build. Wonder how they would look in white powder coat?

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